Neurosurgery and Spine Surgery

Journal Publications

The medical world is growing at a fast pace. Dr. V. K. Jain has contributed greatly towards empowering young doctors by sharing articles and white papers on the latest surgical procedures in the world.

Here is the detailed list of his publications in journals.


  • VK Jain, E Ramakrishna, Thimmappa Hedge, AK Reddy, BS Das & GNN Reddy. Subarachnoid Hemorrhage 25 years experience at NIMHANS, Bangalore, India. NIMHANS Journal 4(1), 43-48, 1986.
  • Kano T, Nagata J, Hoshino M, Nakagawa T, Asai T, Kamei Y, Jain VK, Sano H, Katada K. [Evaluation of hypertensive intracerebral hematomas based on the study of long-term outcome–part IV: Prognostic importance of the age of the patient and the laterality of the lesion in putaminal hematoma]. No ShinkeiGeka. 1986 Dec; 14(13): 1539-45.
  • Kano T, Nagata J, Hoshino M, Nakagawa T, Jain VK, Sano H, Katada K. [Evaluation of the hypertensive intracerebral hematoma based on the study of long-term outcome–Part III. Evaluation of neurological grading and CT classification]. No ShinkeiGeka. 1986 Nov;14(12):1423-9.
  • Katada K, Sano H, Kato Y, Kano T, Jain VK, Mashita S, Takeuchi A, Koga S. Ethyl 2-cyanoacrylate as an embolic agent for cranial arteriovenous Malformations. An experimental study. Acta Radiol Suppl. 1986; 369:623-6.


  • VK Jain, T Hegde RK Easwaram, BS Das and GNN Reddy. Benign Subarachnoid Hemorrhage (Subarachnoid Hemorrhage of unknown etiology) Acta Nurochir (Wien), 86 (3-4) :89-92, 1987.
  • H Sano, VK Jain, Y Kato, H Tanji, T Kano, K Adachi and K Katada. The treatment of Dural AVM by Embolization with Aron Alpha (Ethyl 1-2 cyanoacrylate).  Acta Neurochir (Wien). 88:10-19, 1987.
  • T Kano T Nakamura, VK Jain, T Sugimoto. An experimental model of communicating hydrocephalus in C-57 black Mouse.  Acta Neurochir (Wien) 86 (3-4): 1114, 1987.
  • Jayakumar PN, Vasudev Rao T, Arya BYT, VK Jain, Hemi atrophy and glioblastoma. Neurol 27:291-4, 1987.
  • T Kano, N Ishiyama, H Tanji, H Sano, M Abe, Kemei Y, T Asai, T Nakagawa, VK Jain. A personal point of view to EC-IC bypass surgery in completed stroke after the cooperative study, No-Shinkei-Geka. 15(12): 1299-1303, 1987.
  • T Kano, Y Kamei, T Yokoyama, VK Jain. Neurostimulation for patients in vegetative status.  Pacing Clinical electrophysiology. 10(1 pt. 2): 207-8, 1987.


  • VK Jain, Chandramukhi A, Venkataraman NK, Das BS, Gokul BN, Vasudev Rao T. The far cry of a TB Brain – report of a case of tuberculous meningitis, multiple tuberculomas and tuberculous abscess. Clinical Neurol Neurosurg. 91-2, 1988.
  • H Sano, VK Jain, Y Kato, Y Kamei, T Asai, K Katada, T Kano. Bilateral giant intracavernous aneurysm. Technique of unilateral operation. Neurol. 29(1) 35-8, 1988.


  • NK Venkataramana, VK Jain, BS Das, TV Rao, Intramedullary cysticercosis. Neurol. Neurosurg 91-3, 1989.
  • D nagraja, VK Jain, NK Venkataramana, AB Taly. Surgery in Spontaneous Intracerebral Hematoma.  JAPI, 37:745-46, 1989.
  • PN Jayakumar, VK Jain, TV Rao, BY Arya. Intracranial aneurysmal rupture and ventricular opacification during carotid angiography., Australas Radiol, 33(3): 279-81, 1989.


  • VK Jain, AK Reddy, BS Das. Parietal parasagittal transcallosal approach for Pineal Region tumor Angiographic Indication: a case report. Neurology India, 38, 63-66, 1990.
  • VK Jain, JK Multani, AK Reddy, BS Das, Mesencephalic Hematoma successful Surgical evacuation. Neurol Neurosurg 92-2, 159-163, 1990.
  • Krishna E Rama, SK Shankar, VK Jain, T Hegde, BS Das, GNN Reddy, Sarla Das. Subarachnoid Hemorrhage – an autopsy study of 158 cases.  NIMHANS Journal 2(1): 37-41, 1990.
  • NK Venkataramana, VR Kolluri, KS Narayana Swamy, VK Jain, BS Das, S Das. Exophytic Gliomas of the spinal cord. Acta Neurochir –wien. 107(1-2) 44-6, 1990.
  • PN Jayakumar, VRS Kolluri, BA Chandramouli, KS Narayanswamy, VK Jain, BS Das, BYT Arya, GN Narayana Reddy. Ossification of the Posterior Longitudinal Ligament of the cervical spine.  Neurol India, 38, 325-331, 1990.


  • RV Phadke, VK Jain, DN Srivastava, P Tandon, RB Gujral. Cranio-cerebral neuroblastoma.  Indian – Pediatr. 28, 1201-3, 1991.
  • RV Phadke, S Roy, P Mittal, VK Jain, RB Gujral. Diagnostic imaging in spinal dysraphism Neurol India. 39, 133-139, 1991.
  • SK Shankar, KR Vani, T Asha, VK Jain, T Vasudev Rao, Sarla DAs. Lhermitte Duclos Disease – A dysplastic condition of Altered Neurofilament Antigen Expression Neurol India 39-89-92, 1991.
  • Atul Gaur, P Tewari, VK Jain, KC Pant, PK Singh. Combined use of nitroglycerin and halothane for controlled hypotension.  Journal of Anaesth. 39:130-133, 1991.


  • RK Gupta, RV Phadke, DN Srivastava, VK Jain, RB Gujral. CT demonstration of complex dorsal spinal dysraphism. Australas Radiol 36(1):2-3, 1992.
  • AK Baronia, PK Singh, A Maheshwari, VK Jain, P Mittal, KC Pant. Inhaled Lidocaine for Prevention of Hemodynamic changes in Laryngoscopy and Intubation.    Anaes. 4(3),154- 9, 1992.
  • F Mitsuyama, T Kanno, VK Jain, Y Nagata, S Koga. New three-dimensional moving field radiation therapy for brain tumors.   Neurol Med Chir (Tokyo).  32(6): 333-7, 1992.


  • RK Gupta, VK Jain, S Kumar, S Gupta I Haque, RB Gujral. Unusual MRI appearances of cysticercosis within the fourth ventricle. Neuroradiology 35(6):457-8, 1993.
  • S Gupta, RV Phadke, VK Jain. C1-C2 block vertebra with fusion of anterior arch of atlas and the odontoid.  Australas Radiol, 1993, 37(1):95-6.
  • VK Jain, M Takayasu, S Singh, DK Chhabra, K Sugita. Occipital-axis posterior wring and fusion for atlantoaxial dislocation associated with occiitalization of the atlas.  Technical note. J  1993, 79 (1):142-4.


  • AK Singh, VK Jain, DK Chhabra, K Hongo, S Kobayashi. Hemi facial spasm and cerebellopontine angle epidermoid.  Case report and review. Neurol Res, 1994, 16(4):321-323.
  • Apjit Kaur, K Sharma, Piyush Mittal, VK Jain. Suprasellar germinoma, a case report. Indian J ophthalmology, 1994 (2) , 2:85-87.
  • RV Phadke, A Kohli, VK Jain, RK Gupta, S Kumar, RB Gujral. Tuberculous radiculomyelitis (archnoiditis): Myelographic (and CT myelographic) appearances.  Australas Radiol. 1994, 38(1):10-16.
  • A Kaur, I Tyagi, VK Jain, K Sharma. Tuberculoma of skull base: A case report. Indian Journal of Tuberculosis, 1994, 41, 259-261.


  • K Sharma, N Rastogi, R Srivastava, VK Jain, S Hukku. Primary brain lymphoma, Neurosurgical review (GDR), 1995.
  • H Rastogi. RK Gupta, VK Jain, R Pandey, RB Gujral. Unusual RM features in a case of completely thrombosed giant aneurysm of the posterior cerebral artery. JMRI, 1995, 4:478-480.
  • Rajesh Acharya, S Behari, D Banerji, P Mittal, VK Jain. Spinal hydatid disease (a case report) SDMH, 1995, 19:160-163.
  • H Poptani, RK Gupta, R Roy, R Pandey, VK Jain, DK Chhabra. Characterization of intracranial mass lesions with in vivo proton MR spectroscopy, AJNR, 1995,16:1593-1603.
  • H Poptani, RK Gupta, VK Jain, R Pandey, R Roy, RB Gujral. Cystic intracranial mass lesion: Possible role of in vivo MR spectroscopy in its differential diagnosis.  Reson. Imaging. 1995; 13 (7) : 478-80.


  • A Kaur, A Kohli, RV Phadke, VK Jain, DK Chhabra. Amaurosis fugax and orbital arteriovenous malformation. Neurology India. 1996, 44:121-123.
  • S Behari, D Banerji, RV Phadke, R Acharya, S Shukla, RK Gupta, VK Jain. Giant cell tumor of sphenoid diverse presentation: a report of two cases. Neurol Research 1996, 18:462-466.
  • S Behari, RV Phadke, D Kumar, A Gupta, D Banerji, P Mittal, VK Jain. Vertebral haemangioma with compressive myelopathy: Role of preoperative embolization. Indian Journal of Surgery. 1996, 329-332.
  • KD Modi, A Mittal, D Banerji, D Kumar, P Shah, VK Jain, DK Chhabra. Growth hormone producing pituitary tumours: Clinical profile and results of surgery. The National Medical Journal of India. 1996, 9:262-265.
  • VK Jain, P Mittal, D Banerji, S Behari, R Acharya, DK Chhabra. Posterior occipitoaxial fusion for atlanto – axial dislocation associated with occipitalliated atlas. Journal of Neuro-Surg. 1996, 84: 559-564.
  • S Behari, D Banerji, VK Jain, R Acharya, DK Chhabra. Cavernous haemangioma of cavernous sinus: A diagnostic and therapeutic challenge. Neurology India. 1996, 44:140-144.


  • D Banerji, R Acharya , S Behari, P Mittal, VK Jain, DK Chhabra. Corpectomy for multilevel cervical spondylotic myelopathy and OPLL. Neurosurg Review. 1997, 20:25-31.


  • R Kumar, N Krishnani, VK Jain. Choroid Plexus Papilloma of third ventricle with head tremors in a one and half year child, case report. Neurology India, 1998, 46:323-325.


  • Raj Kumar, N Krishnani, VK Jain. Choroid plexus papilloma of CP Angle: A case case report. Neurology India, 1999, 47:71-73.
  • D Banerji, S Behari, VK Jain, T Pandey, DK Chhabra: Extreme lateral transcondylar approach to the skull base. Neurology India, 1999, 47:22-31.
  • VK Jain, S Behari, D Banerji, V Bhargava, DK Chhabra. Trans oral decompression for Craniovertebral anomalies.  Perioperative management dilemmas.  Neurology India. 1999, 47:188-195.


  • Behari S, Jain VK, Phadke RV, Banerji D, Kathuria M, Chhabra DK: C1-2 rotary subluxation following posterior stabilization for congenital atlantoaxial dislocation. Neurology India  48: 164-169,2000.
  • Achari G, Behari S, Mishra A, Pandey R, Jain VK: Extradural meningioma-en-plaque of the cervical cord. Neurological Research 22:351-353,2000
  • Venkatesh SK, Phadke RV, Kalode RR, Kumar S, Jain VK. Intracranial infective Aneurysms presenting with hemorrhage: an analysis of angiographic findings, Management and outcome. Clin Radiol. 2000 Dec;55(12):946-53.


  • Banerji D, Behari S, Tyagi I, Pandey T, Jain VK,   Chhabra DK: Extended frontobasal  approach to the skull base. Neurology India  49: 253-261,2001.
  • Trivedi P, Behari S, Banerji D, Jain VK, Chhabra DK: Ossified ligamentum flavum causing compressive myelopathy. Acta Neurochirurgica (Wien) 143: 775-782, 2001


  • Behari S, Banerji D, Trivedi P, Jain VK, Chhabra DK: Anterior retropharyngeal approach to the upper cervical spine. Neurology India 49:342-349,2002
  • Jain VK, Behari S: Congenital atlanto-axial dislocation. Some lessons learnt. Review article Neurology India 50: 386-397,2002
  • Behari S, Bhargava V, Nayak S, Kirankumar MV, Banerji D, Chhabra DK, Jain VK: Congenital reducible atlantoaxial dislocation: Classification and surgical considerations. Acta Neurochir (Wien) 144(11):1165-77, 2002
  • Lal P, Nagar YS, Kumar S, Singh S, Maria Das KJ, Narayan SL, Kumar R, Jain VK, Ayyagari S. Medulloblastomas: clinical profile, treatment techniques and outcome – an institutional experience. Indian J Cancer. 2002  Jul-Sep;39(3):97-105.
  • Subramanium P, Behari S, Singh SN, Chhabra DK, Jain VK: Multiple subpial  lipomas with dumb-bell extradural extension through the  intervertebral foramen without  spinal dysraphism. Surgical Neurology, 58(5): 338-343, 2002
  • Behari S, Banerji D, Mishra A, Sharma S, Sharma Siddhiraj, Chhabra DK, Jain VK: Intrinsic third ventricular craniopharyngiomas: Report on 6 cases and a review of the literature. Surgical Neurology, 60 (3) : 245-52, 2002
  • Kumar R, Achari G, Benerji D, Jain VK, Chhabra DK. Choroid plexus papillomas of the cerebellopontine angle. Neurol India. 2002 Sep;50(3):352-8.
  • Sharma K, Wahi J, Phadke RV, Varma A, Jain VK. Migraine-like visual hallucinations in occipital lesions of cysticercosis. J Neuroophthalmol. 2002 Jun;22(2):82-7
  • Phadke RV, Venkatesh SK, Kumar S, Tandon V, Pandey R, Tyagi I, Jain VK, Chhabra DK. Embolization of cranial/spinal tumours and vascular malformations with hydrogel microspheres. An experience of 69 cases. Acta Radiol. 2002 Jan;43(1):15-20.


  • Behari S, Nayak S, Bhargava V, Banerji D, Chhabra DK, Jain VK: Craniocervical Tuberculosis: Protocol of surgical management. Neurosurgery, 52 (1): 72-81, 2003
  • A Kaur, VK Jain, EM Khan, DK Chhabra. Orbital pseudotumour. An unusual presentation.  Neurology India
  • Behari S, Banerji D, Mishra A, Sharma S, Sharma Siddhiraj, Chhabra DK, Jain VK: Intrinsic third ventricular craniopharyngiomas: Report on 6 cases and a review of the literature. Surgical Neurology 60(3):245-53, 2003


  • Behari S, Kiran Kumar MV, Banerji D, Chhabra DK, Jain VK: Atlanto-axial dislocation associated with the maldevelopment of the posterior neural arch of axis causing compressive myelopathy. Neurology India 52: 465-469,2004.
  • Vyas K, Banerji D, Behari S, Jain S, Chabbra DK, Jain VK: C3-4 level cervical spondylotic myelopathy. Neurology India 52: 215-219, 2004.
  • Krishnan P, Behari S, Banerji D, Mehrotra  N, Chhabra  DK, Jain  V K: Surgical approach to C1-C2 nerve sheath tumors. Neurology India 52: 319-324, 2004.
  • Arora P, Behari S, Banerji D, Chhabra  DK, Jain  V K:  Chiari I malformation: Factors affecting outcome. Neurology India 484-486, 2004.
  • Krishna H, Behari S, Pal L, Banerji D, Chhabra DK, Jain VK: Solitary Langerhans cell histiocytosis of the clivus and sphenoidal sinus with parasellar and petrous extensions: Case report and review of literature. Surgical Neurology 62: 447-454, 2004
  • Arora P, Pradhan PK, Behari S, Banerji D, Chhabra DK, Das BK, Jain VK: Chiari I malformation with syringomyelia: Radioisotope scan as a predictor of outcome. Acta Neurochirurgica (Wien) 146 (2): 119-30, 2004
  • Behari S, Krishna H, Kiran Kumar MV, Sawlani V, Phadke RV, Jain VK: Association between an aplastic basilar artery unaccompanied by a primitive carotid-vertebrobasilar anastomosis, and multiple aneurysms on the dominant posterior communicating artery. Journal of Neurosurgery 100: 946-949, 2004
  • Jaiswal A, Sharma MS, Behari S, Lyngdoh B, Jain S, Jain VK: Management of fractured odontoid. Indian Journal of Neurotrauma


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  • Sawlani V, Behari S, Salunke P, Jain VK , Phadke RV. “Stretched loop sign” of the vertebral artery: a predictor of vertebrobasilar insufficiency in atlantoaxial dislocation. Surg Neurol. 2006 Sep; 66(3) : 298-304.


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